Our Mission

At Blush, our mission is to use the experience of dress shopping to serve, celebrate, and empower women.


Our Values



We value a strong family culture that not only includes our team, but our guests, business partners, and industry friends. We believe this fosters a safe, encouraging environment that also holds us to higher standards and encourages growth.


We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing to the very best of our ability. We do not settle for doing things half way or with questionable effort. The extent of our impact on the world depends on the size of our devotion to excellence.


Our passion is what drives us to excellence. We value commitment to the things that set our souls on fire.


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We value doing the right thing, in dealing fairly, and maintaining great character through even the smallest situations.


We believe in genuine care, authentic smiles, and selfless hearts. We will never underestimate the importance of being kind, even in the most challenging circumstances.


We believe in the importance of creating an environment in which creativity can blossom, take flight, and open our world to new and exciting ideas.


We value personal style, and our ability to create beautiful outfits, surroundings, and experiences. As a leader in the fashion industry, we recognize the importance of being true to one’s style while also being open change and inspiration.


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We place the utmost importance on the training, coaching, practice, and expertise required to establish ourselves as professionals. We believe in providing an space in which our guests are treated to an elevated experience because of the professionalism of our team.


We recognize the importance of open, honest, and intentional communication not only within & between our stores, but with our guests. We know that this communication is what helps build trust, accuracy, and lasting relationships


We believe in sprinkling a little fun into everything we do. Whether working with guests, putting on events, or making the magic happen behind the scenes, we know that everything is better if you’re having fun. Life is too short for boring!