Our Mission

It is our mission at Blush to use the experience of dress shopping to serve, celebrate, and empower women.


Our Values



Our family not only spans our three stores, but our guests, business partners, and industry friends. We value our strong family culture for it’s ability to build trust, foster a safe environment, and hold ourselves to high standards.


We believe that if we’re going to do something, it should be done with excellence. Going halfway or putting in partial effort is not an option. While human imperfection is part of life, we value putting our all into whatever we do.



Our commitment to excellence is largely fueled by our passion. We believe our best work happens when it is driven by things that set our souls on fire.




We believe creativity makes us better, stronger, and will always stretch us to grow. We value an environment where true creativity can blossom and new, exciting ideas can be encouraged, developed, and implemented.



Kindness is a simple thing that makes a monumental difference. We value true caring and being kind to every person we meet.


As a leader in the fashion industry, we value personal style and the art of creating beautiful outfits, surroundings, and spaces.



We value the training, expertise, and practice that goes into establishing ourselves as professionals. We place great importance on fine tuning our skills to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

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We believe in doing the right thing, in acting fairly, and in maintaining great character.



We value an atmosphere that fosters open, honest, and intentional communication. We especially value this within and between our stores to ensure that Blush guests get the same incredible experience across the state.



We believe in sprinkling a little fun into anything we can! Whether we’re working with guests, putting on events, or making magic happen behind the scenes, we value having fun while we do it! Life’s too short for boring!