In Presque Isle, we're proud to carry Tuxedos and Suits from Jim's Formalwear. With designer names like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Allure Men, and Ralph Lauren, you can be sure your guys will be as well dressed as you! Our prices range from $84.95 to $189 for standard rentals. Explore styles here.

Build a Tux 

Check out this great feature that allows you to see all your choices put together!

Out of town Groomsmen?

No problem! Your guys can download a measurement form here, get measurements at any tuxedo rental store, & call them in to us. We can handle any payment right over the phone. For a complete guide to out of town groomsmen, click here.

Guaranteed Fit

The most common concern with tuxedo rentals is whether they will fit. While rentals will most likely not fit as well as a custom tailored suit, we make every effort to ensure a sharp ensemble. In order to make this guarantee, we ask that your guys play by a few simple rules:

  • Get accurate measurements from a professional & call them in no later than 2 months prior to a wedding or 1 month prior to a special event.

  • Come in for a fitting at least 2-3 days prior to the event. For weekend events, this would be by 5pm the Thursday prior to the event. Allowing this time frame gives us the ability to get replacement pieces if needed. If simple hems or sleeves need to be adjusted, every member of our staff is trained to do these simple alterations on site and within 1 day.

  • If you can’t plan to try on your rental by 5pm on Thursday prior to a weekend event (or 2 days prior to any other event), we ask that your rental be drop shipped to your home and tried on within that time frame. Drop shipping is $20.

  • Let us know if any changes have happened in size at least 2 weeks prior to event. We can make sure to get new measurements and change the order.

  • Boys under 18- Because kids are much more prone to growth spurts, we suggest getting measured no earlier than one month prior to event date. We ask that parents monitor size closely and alert us if there is any possible change 2 weeks prior to event.

Policies for a Successful Return

Tuxedos will arrive in our store a few days prior to the event. At that time we'll call or text each gentleman individually to schedule a fitting. As stated above, come as soon as you're able. Once your fit is confirmed, you'll be free to take the rental with you. Your rental is due back the first business day after the event. For Saturday events, this would mean your rental is due back Sunday. If you need extra time for special reasons, please contact our manager to see if this can be arranged. To expedite the check-in process, please ensure all rented items are hung on hangers inside the garment bag provided to you. Because these tuxedos and suits are rentals, they are likely needed in another location the following weekend. That means we have to get them back to the supplier, who has to clean them and send them on to the next location in time. Because of this, the supplier enforces a $50/day late fee. We don't want to charge you that, so please return your rentals on time!